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Toll Free :1800-233-1419
(2322)- 253000/01
Institute Code : EN-6317
Student Association

Committee Members:

  • 1.  Shweta Paraganve
    2. Shreeya Mali
    3. Riddhi Kadam
    4. Mahesh Lohar

Vision :

We seek to promote unity among the students of our college. We want to promote a quality educational environment, protect the interests of the students, to create an atmosphere of open discussion, inquiry, and self-expression, to insure the personal freedom and general welfare of the student body.

Mission :

We believe that using cogent thinking to facilitate common goals is the most effective method in pursuing the ideas that enhance the overall student experience. We swear an oath to represent our fellow Rams, uphold a constructive working relationship with the administration, and make a beneficial impact in the community. Acknowledging that our goals are concrete and compatible, we will pursue what we believe is essential to every student at our college.

Events Under CompESA :

Sr noEVENTTopicGuest NameName of OrganizationDATEPARTICIPANT
Guest LectureIndustry working, Data technologies then and nowAkash KoliAKASHGANGA IT SERVICES04/08/2018SE,TE,BE
Web craftWeb craftCSE FacultySITCOESE,BE
Test on Logic BuildingTest on Logic BuildingCSE FacultySITCOETE
Guest LectureEthical hackingRizwan sheikhPristineInfoSolutions13/08/2018SE,TE,BE
TechniacalTraining on basics of programming languages as in (C,Java,Python...)Saraswati KatakdhondSITCOE18/08/2018TE,BE
Guru nanak jayantiGuru nanak jayantiCSE FacultySITCOE27/08/2018SE,TE,BE
Personality DevelopmentsPersonality Developments, Logical-Verbal Reasoning,Krishnapriya MohanSITCOE08/09/2018TE,BE
WorkshopInternet SecurityMr. Abhijeet MoreCYIN solutions Pvt.10/09/2018TE
WorkshopAndroid Application DevelopmentAmey Rajan ChauguleIOTPRO Bangalore11/09/2018SE
Teachers dayTeachers dayCSE FacultySITCOE22/9/2018SE,TE,BE
WebinarRoadmap to Competitive ProgrammingChhavi BansalCodeAsylums06/09/2020SE, TE, BE
Technofrezy 2k20Technical quiz and poster presentationCompesa Committee15th &17th Sept 2020SITCOE college students
WebinarIntroduction to System DesignSatyarth OjhaCodeAsylums27/09/2020SE, TE, BE
WebinarMachine Learning and Data ScienceShubhangiCodeAsylums11/10/2020SE, TE, BE
WebinarImportant Things for PlacementsSiddik Dange and Sakib Sadule(Students)Compesa Committee18/10/2020SE, TE, BE
Master Presenter 2k20Python Programming:-Quiz and CodingCse Department31/10/2020Colleges all over India
Quission 2021Technical RoundsCse Department13/10/2021SE, TE, BE
Guest LectureLet's dive into Open SourceHarsh Bajpai (HackClub Leader Asai Pacific Region)Cse Department22/10/2021TE
VisitOrphanageAbdulLat24/10/2021SE, TE, BE