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Institute Code : EN-6317
About Department

The Computer Science & Engineering department is committed to continuously improve the quality of education by enhancing the knowledge of student and staff members.

The department of Computer Science & Engineering with highly qualified staff is well equipped with centralized laboratories having the latest configurations and software tools. The department presents a unique opportunity to study the exciting field with guidance of quality teachers.


Our Vision

To be a center of excellence in Computer Science & Engineering education to prepare professionally competent engineers with lifelong learning attitude for the accomplishment of ever-growing needs of society

Our Mission

  1. To prepare technically and professionally competent engineers by imparting quality education through effective teaching learning methodologies and providing stimulating environment for research and innovation.
  2. To develop professional skills and right attitude in students that will help them to succeed and progress in their personal and professional career.
  3. To imbibe moral and ethical values in students with concern to society and environment.


Graduates of the program will

  1. Demonstrate capabilities to develop optimal solution to the real world engineering problems by applying theory based practical approach of engineering and related engineering disciplines.
  2. Exhibit professional skills, ethical attitude and sensitivity towards society and environment.
  3. Engage in Lifelong learning for successful adaption to technological changes.


We at SIT committed to provide highest quality in planning, design and effective implementation of technical education by involving all stakeholders, upgrading facilities and faculty through continuous improvement.


  1.  To encourage research activities in the department by creating center of excellence.
  2.  To become a solution provider for critical engineering problems.
  3.  To Acquire sponsored projects from various organizations.


  1. To improve performance of students in university examination
  2. To strengthen industry institute interaction by signing MOU’s with various industries.
  3. To orient students towards research and development activities.
  4. To improve the consultancy work by attracting various organizations.
  5. To motivate the faculties for becoming part of different technical societies.